Gasper’s TRAINERball Product on the Today Show

• Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of Frog Environmental, a company helping industrial companies become compliant with pollution regulations.

• Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of Storm Water Systems, a company dedicated to cleaning our water from pollution using advanced technology.

Frog Env Inc. is a California based stormwater management company servicing all of California with over 13 years of expertise in Industrial Stormwater Permits. Services include Permit application (Notice of Intent- NOI), SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) development, Monitoring Plan development, Runoff Sampling, Training, Annual Reports, Permit termination (Notice of Termination- NOT), and all other aspects of Industrial Stormwater Consulting.  Their “hands-on” approach produces compliance with California storm water Permit regulations and Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

• Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of GASPERfilms.

• Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of PopNDrop.