G2 Lifestyles™ CEO, founder, and TRAINERbrands™ creator, Gasper Guarrasi, has always enjoyed a fast-paced, competitive lifestyle. In his professional life, Mr. Guarrasi’s persistent focus, drive, and creativity were essential to his achievements as president of a $100 million company. On the playing field, Mr. Guarrasi was also known as a driven competitor, running up to 30 miles a week.

Gasper set a goal to play on the PGA tour and began the journey to becoming a professional golfer. Through intensive training with top instructors and fitness experts, he discovered that the key element his game was missing was flexibility. He began a regime of specifically designed stretches which he performed every day. Through his daily training he soon discovered a home fitness program that quickly allowed him to improve health, wellness and overall quality of life. Today, as a result of his constant effort to improve fitness and skill by practicing and specifically stretching, Mr. Guarrasi has become a scratch golfer with zero handicap who has had the honor of playing in qualifying events for the U.S. Open Championship and the Northern Trust Open.

While Mr. Guarrasi continues his love for the game of golf, the true passion that he takes from his experiences is his belief in the benefits of stretching. G2 Lifestyles™ combines Mr. Guarrasi’s sports and business acumen with his desire to help others live a healthier, fit life. The company is inspired to create powerful results for people in both health and sports, by consistently releasing high-quality home fitness products that improve health and make life more enjoyable.

Mr. Guarrasi has contributed a great amount of his time assisting Children, he created the first Childrens Yoga mat to assist children in creating a healthy and fun attitude towards life, he also created and contributed products to assist children suffering form autism. Mr. Guarrasi teamed up with Nickelodean to create a children “Fun and Play” mat to give children the enjoyment of fitness but still creating a healthy body.

Mr. Guarrasi, pioneered the first ever line of lifestyle products that assists people to achieve better health and fitness with printing on each of the products that helps guide people. Mr. Guarrasi patented products emphasized the need to help people be able to get healthier at home and on their time and financial needs (

Gasper Guarrasi has been involved with various charities, hoping he make a difference in other peoples lives.

Mr. Guarrasi has been active in the cleaning of our environment by his involvement with Frog Environmental.